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What Does the Phrase “You Meet You” Have to Do with an AI Marketing Workflow Automation?

Having an automated workflow is really important if you want to make a good use of your time. That is an example of a terrific thing you can do with AI to make your life easier if you own your own business or are even doing a side hustle.

Have you ever heard the the saying and phrase “You Meet You?” Of course you have. You are on the website right now reading this.

And how did you get here? It might have been that you just subscribed to the Ask AI Guy Newsletter or maybe you got here via another site, or search engine or any number of ways.

However it is that you got here it is important to make every moment count so that if you still need to go through the process when “You Meet You” you still can!

The statement “You Meet You” is another way of saying “Get to Know Yourself for Success!”

For many this can be a very painful process. One of the benefits to doing it we have heard is that apparently you feel more free because of not having all the baggage anymore.

So we decided to ask a question of someone who is “Part AI and Part Human.”

We are of course talking about the “Ask AI Guy.” Initially when we asked the “Ask AI Guy” the question about what does “You Meet You” mean to you?

He was a little distracted. His attention was focused on today’s answering of a submitted AI Marketing question. The question as can be seen on the site is:

The “Ask AI Guy” Reveals an Approach to Creating an AI Marketing Workflow Automation?”

And interestingly enough, there is a connection of sorts between that question and the topic which “You Meet You.” What these two entities share is that they both have to do with developing a process. One of the processes was in the mind or kind of “Self Help,” and the other one has to do with “AI Marketing.”

On the one hand, the journey of self-discovery or “meeting yourself” often involves introspection and critical self-evaluation. It requires an understanding of your emotions, reactions, values, and the factors that drive your decisions. This knowledge can then be used to better handle your emotional responses, improve your relationships, and generally lead a more fulfilling life.

On the other hand, creating an AI marketing workflow automation requires an understanding of the organization’s marketing needs, processes, goals, and resources.

“Your Art is You” is also a part of all this.

This knowledge can then be used to design an automated system that streamlines marketing tasks, improves efficiency, and helps achieve the marketing goals.

Here’s a simple step-by-step approach to both processes:

  1. Understanding and Assessment:
    • Self-discovery: Evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, values, motivations, and goals. This step may involve introspection, meditation, journaling, or even professional counseling.
    • AI Marketing Workflow: Assess your current marketing processes, identify the repetitive tasks, and define your marketing goals. This step may involve interviews with team members, process mapping, and data analysis.
  2. Planning and Design:
    • Self-discovery: Based on your understanding, devise a plan for personal growth and self-improvement. This could involve reading self-help books, attending workshops, or setting specific personal goals.
    • AI Marketing Workflow: Based on your assessment, design an automated workflow that aligns with your marketing goals. This could involve selecting suitable AI tools, designing the workflow, and setting specific marketing goals.
  3. Execution and Implementation:
    • Self-discovery: Implement the changes you’ve planned. This could involve practicing new behaviors, changing old habits, or adopting a new mindset.
    • AI Marketing Workflow: Implement the AI marketing workflow. This could involve setting up the AI tools, integrating them with your existing systems, and training your team to use them.
  4. Review and Adjustment:
    • Self-discovery: Review your progress regularly, adjust your plans as necessary, and continue your journey of self-discovery.
    • AI Marketing Workflow: Monitor the performance of the AI marketing workflow, adjust the settings as necessary, and continuously optimize for better results.

While the specific steps and outcomes are different, the underlying process of understanding, planning, executing, and adjusting is common to both. This highlights how the principles of systematic problem-solving can be applied to diverse areas, from personal development to marketing automation.